This work stems from an exercise in the crossing of languages: visual, sonic and verbal, intervened by the use of error induced in a digital file. For this process, I registered myself on video manipulating the three objects that make up the game “Stone-Paper-Scissors”, where each object has the power to destroy and to be destroyed by another, generating an apparent perfect balance of a cycle, until luck intervenes when playing.

I separated the videos in each frame that constitutes them to obtain digital images that I intervened through a text editing program, inserting the word that according to the game destroys the registered object several times.  I gathered the frames again and got three new altered videos to which I finally exchanged their sounds contrary to what was done with the text. That is, the image is destroyed by the word that wins the registered object, but the winning object is also contaminated by the object it destroyed, evidenced by the exchanged sound.
For the assembly of this work I also thought about the installation of a projection of this video as a triangle directed to the floor, where there are three screens made with a mixture of materials that refer to the three objects of the game:
white sand, paper hash and silver glitter.

This video is repeated indefinitely.
A perfect balance,
staggered by the hand
With the same resource of induced error I developed this new piece. This time the phrase that titled this work: "The sound of the wind makes me feel that the ground on which I am resting fades" is the one that glitches a short video that I recorded while I was lying down facing the sky.
I did this work with the intention of demonstrating my lack of feeling a correspondence to a society; despite recording this video with my body fully resting on the ground, I felt persistently unstable.
I treat in a subtle way, how my sexual orientation and its consequent social questioning, conditioned my perception of the city, of places and spaces; of how I behave and place myself in them (or evade them).
A phrase that destabilizes an environment and that in turn silences it, generating uncertainty.
Piedra - papel - tijeras has been shown at CONSTELACIONES exhibition, at Centro Cultural PUCE
El sonido del viento me hace sentir que el suelo donde reposo se desvanece was selected as part of LGBTQ exhibition Soy Paisaje, at Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Quito
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