"Mar de Despertantes" is an artistic project in which I place the internet user and the information they provide as the primary value. With this work, I create a virtual space where the user can reflect on how they perceive their identity, their privacy, and their relationships with others on social networks, factors that ultimately play a ubiquitous role in their daily life due to the current condition of constant internet connectivity through their mobile phones.
"Mar de Despertantes" functions as a wake-up alarm for mobile devices. Once the user has previously installed and configured their alarm, they will wake up to it and will be prompted to write a brief text about their dream, along with their mood.
This information will be privately saved in a dream journal, but it will also be encoded and sent to another user anonymously and randomly. This code will determine the order, set of sounds, and colors that will make up the waking alarm scene for the receiver.
Each user will wake up and be awakened by another user, considering their dreams as a personal contribution, without the need to know their explicit content, but understanding how they feel through the recognition of their mood.
2017 - 2018
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