QUITO, 1983

MFA in Combined Artistic Languages, 
Universidad Nacional de las Artes, 2018. 
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Degree in Visual Arts, 
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, 2007 – 2011. 
Quito, Ecuador
Graphic Design, 
Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial, 2000 – 2002. 
Quito, Ecuador

My work has maintained a path where I meditate on the formation of an individual and his identity, taking factors both internal and external to him. For this process, I have generated several approaches where I placed  digital tools and communication services as the main resources of formation of the being. Thanks to my knowledge in graphic design and visual arts, I maintain a relationship of mutual contamination between these two, being evident in my work that it is mostly visual. However, I complement and enrich my production by rethinking the technology involved in my work, so that it surpasses its status as a tool to an indispensable signifier.
My work reflects an apparent constant self-representation, however I feel it is effective to place myself in a situation of self-exploration and self-inquiry as a starting point, in order to understand more closely the affectations of other people.
The selection of works presented are from my most recent project, to the first approaches that I consider, contribute with an insistent theme: The individuals, their condition or enrichment through technology.