My #bodywriter project unintentionally became a sort of blueprint for new ideas of growing concerns in my general artistic practice. #guthealth is a series of 3D modelled pieces (applied as video, augmented reality or renders) that address my fascination with the organic body, its material properties and its capricious similarity to technological devices with which it maintains an increasingly symbiotic relationship. My motivation stems from my chronic illnesses, like irritable bowel syndrome, kidney stones, and thyroid nodules. These experiences have triggered in my research concerns of parallelism between the macro and the micro; the human, the natural, the artificial and the foolishness of man to perceive himself separated from such concepts. I can't deny that, in certain way, this imagery works as a healing process as well and kept me thinking: am I really "a" person, or a a set of internal and external entities that are collectively thought of as a self?
This is an intimate video essay, where I re-submit myself (to my digital/virtual extension #bodywriter) to a permanent condition of gut discomfort, the product of almost a lifetime of depression in denial. I wanted to recite the medical information that I found in a moment of collapse, in one of my favorite Facebook channels
Hashem Al-Ghaili, made an informative capsule that explained what my doctor had already told me: my brain and my stomach had a deficiency in their relationship; I was no longer able to digest food or generate brain substances that would keep me in a normal state. My microbiota was dying. In this short film I wanted to emphasize my experience, using the two separate audio channels, with a bilingual voice of Hashem Al-Ghaili's narration and a third (personal) voice as subtitles and imagery of bugs, shibari, pendulums, ropes, brain connections, prozac, black holes and intestines. The QR code at the end of the video takes to a piece in Augmented Reality in my instagram project.
This is a visual essay, mixing space, telescopes, pain, body, illness, technology, organs, cronenberg`s new movie, medical instruments, childhood characters, grindr crush anxieties, bondage, etc. Conceived as a mini instagram magazine in two parts.
#contemporaryart #digitalart #cinema4d #mentalhealth #healthissues #tyroids #kidneys #artist #artcurator
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