This is an intimate essay, where I re-submit myself (to my digital/virtual extension #bodywriter) to a permanent condition of gut discomfort, the product of almost a lifetime of depression in denial. I wanted to recite the medical information that I found in a moment of collapse, in one of my favorite Facebook channels
Hashem Al-Ghaili, made an informative capsule that explained what my doctor had already told me: my brain and my stomach had a deficiency in their relationship; I was no longer able to digest food or generate brain substances that would keep me in a normal state. My microbiota was dying. In this short film I wanted to emphasize my experience, using the two separate audio channels, with a bilingual voice of Hashem Al-Ghaili's narration and a third (personal) voice as subtitles and imagery of bugs, shibari, pendulums, ropes, brain connections, prozac, black holes and intestines. The QR code at the end of the video takes to a piece in Augmented Reality in my instagram project.
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