Words are diluted, so that they do not owe you an answer,
faces are diluted, so that they owe you no image,
sounds fade so you hear the heartbeat,
You can no longer belong to the eyes of the world.
New mirrors glitch you, new duties.
I am working with the idea of ​​faces that refuse to be recognized, or to be identified by patriarchal digital systems. I was deeply moved by Dominic Jackson's speech and by the news of a supposed artificial intelligence capable of identifying the LGBT community by their physical features, also by repeatedly hearing Sophie's song "faceshopping". With this background, I imagined ever-changing faces, fluid, diluted, without the obligation to be determined, as a counterpart to the augmented reality effects that have the ability to beautify in order to let us belong. To achieve this, I used several technical procedures as generative data, perlin noise, vertex displacement, fake glass shaders and coding within Spark AR patching.

This series of pieces are made up of:
and swell
You can try them for free at @instagram
Your face can be a shield/armor/breastplate
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