#Enlighterz is an augmented reality experience in which I blend with various cultural references, allowing me to establish the persona of a virtual drag queen I named Enlighterz. This piece originates from a pivotal moment in a post-pandemic world that inevitably relied on screens to establish all kinds of connections. I am particularly intrigued by the human capacity to interpret another human being, even from minimal cues: a virtual chat that feels like a breath, the scent of another body; a black video call screen is perceived as skin, weight, and proximity.
#Enlighterz takes the version of Saint Lucy by Francesco del Cossa as the representation of illumination, the bearer of light, the blind saint. #Enlighterz dwells in the dark/infinite space produced by Zoom (a virtual meeting application) as its stage. #Enlighterz prays for the echo of distant/connected voices.
#Enlighterz takes the form of a hero/savior/mecha, with a queer twist (Mazinger Z).
#Enlighterz sporadically performs lip-sync shows, each time it encounters a hero on YouTube or the internet, making those words its own.
#Enlighterz can lip-sync the thoughts of everyone and display them on Instagram.
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