SISIFO+ is a work in progress intended as the deepening of my award-winning work TESEOBIOMETRICA. One of the questions that bothers me is related to the position that tends to be perceived about artificial intelligence, which is conceived from the point of view of effectiveness or efficiency. So I wonder: can the machine learn from foolishness, from the absurd, from nonsense? Have we not yet realized that these are also values, that from society we perceive as pejorative behaviors?. It is in this way that I take the mythical figure of Sisyphus, as the punished king who must carry a stone uphill, so that once at the top, it falls and forces the punished to start his task again. In this project I build several devices or customize others, so that they perform redundant functions but at the same time poetic, with the foolish hope of motivating a catharsis in them.
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